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Runemaster unterschreiben bei Rafchild Records


Die Runen haben gesprochen und der Pakt zwischen Edinburgh's Epic Metallern RUNEMASTER und dem deutsche Label RAFCHILD RECORDS, dem Label für obskuren und epischen Metal, wurde besiegelt! RAFCHILD RECORDS erleuchten euch diese Zeiten demnächst mit dem neuen RUNEMASTER Album "Wanderer".RunemasterWandererCover.jpg


"Wanderer" wird diesen Sommer auf CD und LP veröffentlicht, sobald die Details für das komplette Albumartwork unter Dach und Fach sind. Weitere Infos folgen in den kommenden Wochen.


"I am really happy and a little proud these guys have entrusted me with bringing "Wanderer" to a wider audience" Says Raphael Päbst, founder of Rafchild Records "When I first heard the album my first thoughts were 'This needs a release on CD or vinyl, why is there no such thing available?' so I did the only reasonable thing and just asked the band if they would let me do those releases and they said yes. This album fits perfectly in our roster of bands that aim to go their very own way outside of well-trodden paths and I am sure this album will find its place in our hearts and memories in days to come."

The band had this to say about the signing: "When Raf approached us it became clear that this was the correct Odhinic path for us to traverse in order to reveal the mysteries within our Heathen Heavy Metal to a wider audience. With his Rafchild Records label, Raf displays an inspirational passion for the music we also love as fans and we were utterly convinced that we would be in good hands.
Ancient Runes survive, and now, so shall the riffs in the form of these physical products.
Let the Hidden Force consume us all. Cheers! Runemaster."













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